Parking Registration Form

Please fill out the Parking Registration Form and return to the High School Office.


Driving/Parking Policy

Licensed drivers are allowed to drive vehicles to school.  Student drivers must park only in the designated parking lot.  Students who drive to school should leave their cars as soon as they are parked.  No student is allowed to return to the parking lot until the end of the day unless he/she has authorization from a staff member.  Students are advised to keep their vehicles locked at all times while parked on school property.  The school is not responsible for vandalism, theft, or accidents that occur in the parking lot.  All vehicles are to be operated in a safe and sensible fashion.  Failure to comply with any of the regulations in a student losing his/her driving privileges for an amount of time to be determined by the principal.

The school retains the authority to conduct routine patrols of the student parking lots.  The interior of a student's automobile on school premises may be searched if the school authority has reasonable suspicion to believe that illegal, unauthorized, or contraband items are contained inside.